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  1. start (Finished on 10/26/2017)



just run it,i got:

Obviously,it receives a string and then exit.
here are its assamble:

the function write() is locating at 0x8048087

check the defense method:

So my idea is:input a string to leak the stack addr,then arrange shellcode,when it return run at 0x804809c its next instruction will point to the shellcode.


the layout of stack:

as we could see,when i can create a 24bytes-size string as input,the last 4bytes could cover its return addr(at 0xff9e61a8),if i make 0x8048087 cover it,then the function write() can print 20bytes contents from 0xff9e61ac,as the stack show,one of the stack addr(0xff9e61b0) locates at 0xff9e61ac.


run the exp:

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